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Humia is a fully wireless and automatic humidity monitoring system for all types of buildings. At the moment, we are already piloting our sensors in several locations and looking for more pilot customers in Finland.

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Humia system

Humia reveals hidden moisture damages in the building allowing its users, residents and personnel to live and work without fear of mold exposure and health issues. Detecting damages early maintains the value and lowers the repair costs of the property.

Humia system consists of sensors and a cloud service. The sensors measure structural relative humidity and temperature in different depths. Humia detects both sudden and hidden leaks before they develop into a large-scale moisture damage. Measurements are sent from the sensors to Humia cloud where they are analyzed and the structure moisture is evaluated automatically. Humia warns the user of possible leaks or other problems immediately.

Using Humia is easy and economical from the get-go. The sensors can be effortlessly installed by one's own. Naturally, customers can also order the installation work from our authorized partners.




Mounting the sensor during and after construction is fast and easy. The sensor is equipped with long-life batteries and the battery life is monitored automatically. The data is transfered to the cloud service via a built-in radio transmitter. The sensor does not need a SIM card or WiFi to work. Batteries (2 x AAA) are easy to replace.


The sensor measures moisture, temperature and pressure in multiple spots and depths of the structure. Sensors are available in different sizes for all types of wall, roof and floor structures including concrete.


The measurements are sent automatically to the cloud service which analyzes them and alerts the user via text message or email if necessary. In the cloud service, the customer can change the sensor's alarm settings, display the measurement results and print a report of the building's condition.


Our local partner can have both the installment work and data observation done for you. They can also suggest early improvements and repair measures if moisture is observed.

Cloud service

In Humia cloud service the user can observe the sensors' whole data from the beginning. Humia also uses the data to calculate the mold risk. In the cloud service the user can change the alarm settings and measuring times of the sensors. The user can also follow the battery life of every sensor individually.

The alarms are collected in the cloud service, where the user can browse and comment them. This information is also stored for later observation and can be used e.g. when the house owner changes.

New Humia sensors are easy to register to the cloud service using a registration code that comes with the sensor.

Cloud service example

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Humia sensors measure the temperature and relative humidity of the surrounding air. There are two types of sensors: the A-series and the B-series. An A-series sensor is used for drill hole measurement of wall, floor or ceiling. A B-series sensor can be located freely to the space which humidity and temperature are to be measured. The standard A-series sensors are 200 mm or 260 mm long depending on the insulation thickness of the structure. Sensors of other lengths can also be made to order. An A-series sensor has a measuring points at the tip, middle and base of the sensor.

A B-series sensor can be put e.g. in the crawn space or attic where it measures humidity and temperature. The B-series sensors can be used to detect moisture and ensure that the ventilation of the space is sufficient. The B-series sensors can also be equipped with a differential pressure sensor which measures the difference in air pressure between inside and outside of the building. This information can be used to optimize the ventilation.

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